IRIS – International Research Institute on Social Fraud (UGent)

IRIS is a knowledge center and a forum where theory and practice meet. The research on social fraud does not remain a mere academic exercise. IRIS gathers and provides information on social fraud in the broadest sense of the word. This information may be of regional, national, or international interest. As a knowledge center, IRIS produces reports and conducts studies. The IRIS researcher participates in national, international, and European projects, next to projects of it own, and selects and presents relevant news and relevant studies and publications on this website. Furthermore, the activities of IRIS are: providing both academic and practical information, and offering support in drawing up proposals and formulating policy options; actively participates in or organizes multidisciplinary seminars, conferences, colloquia and breakfast meetings; owns a specialized library and documentation center. Some of this information is accessible for members only. As a forum,  IRIS acts as a forum where practice and theory meet and inspire each other. Idee, IRIS builds a national and international network between academia and the actors in the field and organizes multidisciplinary seminars, conferences, colloquia, and breakfast meetings. At such events, experts from different fields can: come into contact exchange experiences and knowledge stay up to date.